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As experts in digital learning, we create the learning platform that adapts to your learners, your courses (whether initial or continuing, free or paid, certifying or degree-granting) and your tutors (authoring tools, animation).

Our team of developers, engineers, tutors and administrators from the University of Toulouse, has specialized expertise (Moodle, H5P, CRM, BBB, web, ENT, Nextcloud, AI, LLM, etc.). We handle the end-to-end design of e-learning platforms and learning hubs.

We can integrate and develop specific applications useful to your learners (video micro-lessons, practical exercises, quizzes, etc.). We are the publishers of the successful application Polymny Studio, which is extremely useful for speeding up the production of your educational content.

We hope our values will align with yours! We're committed to deploying future-proof and sovereign solutions that reflect a sober, high-end, ethical and sustainable digital environment. It is within this framework that our expertise in Artificial Intelligence will support you.

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Designing online learning platforms. From your needs all the way to deployment.


Consulting, development, production, integration, auditing, security. Software from Alpha to Oméga.

Artificial Intelligence

Create learning systems with simplicity.


We design, develop and deploy learning platforms

Originally designed and prototyped in the IRIT laboratory, the Polymny Studio application was 100% developed by our team. Design, UI/UX, testing, development and maintenance.

The objectives of e-learning are to enhance online courses by facilitating access to educational content, while guaranteeing data security and user confidentiality.

Guaranteeing the security of remote learning and virtual classes is certainly the main challenge facing digital education. Fortunately, open software exists, on which we rely to offer our services. Moodle for course management, Big Blue Button for video-conferences, Nextcloud for sharing, Polymny Studio for video creation.

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  • Polymny Studio

    Web platform for creating educational video clips

    Access Polymny Studio

  • SAFIR training program

    Program for parents of young children with a suspected or diagnosed autism spectrum disorder and the psychologists who support them

    Access the SAFIR Program

  • Polymny Atypical Friendly

    Atypical Friendly. Inclusive video player for neuroatypical students. (and neurotypical too!)

    Test the video player


Our core business: development, administration and maintenance of IT systems

An experienced team from the prototype to production. Web, computing, services. Fullstack by design and Open Source specialists.

Right from the design stage, our tools are thought-out for sustainable, secure and confidential use.

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  • Docker Polymny

    Multi-site (Tetaneutral, OVH), and containerized hosting for Polymny Studio

  • Kubernetes / S3

    TelehealthAutism: Scalable cloud hosting and secure S3 data storage

Artificial Intelligence

Fine-tuned neural networks, inference perfectly adapted to your needs

Trained by experts in Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence. Data organisation and training. Fast and accurate inference.

The use of a frugal AI will be favored, consuming a minimum amount of energy.

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  • Ornithoscope / CNRS

    Bird detection and recognition on connected feeders in Moulis (Ariège, France)

  • Virtual green screen / Polymny Studio

    Green screen video effect without a physical green screen

The Team

Thomas Forgione

Engineer and Doctor in Computer Science at the ENSEEIHT engineering school in France. Fullstack developer (Rust, C++, JavaScript, Elm) Including DevOps skills (git, docker, kubernetes, S3)

Damien Guillotin

Engineer from ENSEEIHT specialized in AI and Deep Learning (TensorFlow, PyTorch, Yolo). Dev. Fullstack.

Nicolas Bertrand

Engineer and Doctor in Computer Science. Manager of the SCIC. 10 years of development experience in onboard computing. Experienced in automated multimedia data processing. System and network administration.

Axel Carlier

Engineer and Doctor in Computer Science from ENSEEIHT. Teacher and researcher at IRIT / INP-Toulouse. Research and training in deep-learning and UI/UX.

Our Partners

The structure of Polymny Studio

Founded in 2022

Collective Interest Cooperative Society

Young University Company

Based in Toulouse (France)

Our values : sustainability, ethical digital technology.

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